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Hand Held Fan - Perimenopause & Menopause Hot Flush Cooling Aid

Hand Held Fan - Perimenopause & Menopause Hot Flush Cooling Aid

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If you are experiencing temperature fluctuations this handy personal fan can provide you with relief whenever and wherever you need it. 

Cooling air to your face is proved to help reduce levels of anxiety too! 

We have tried so many different appliances but settled on this model for the following reasons:

It is incredibly light and shaped just like a mobile phone, so it is discrete and fits perfectly in your bag or pocket without weighing you down!  

It is quiet when in use, so you can take it to work, holidays or on a night out - wherever you want.

It delivers a lovely soft cooling airstream wherever you need it most. It doesn’t need  to take your breath away; just give you a wonderful cooling and calming breeze!


As the fan is rechargeable, simply plug it in using the USB cable and charge it daily. 

It also has a detachable lanyard so that you can hang the fan around your neck and enjoy the cooling airflow whether you’re working or relaxing.

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