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Perimenopause & Menopause Sleep Time Gift Set

Perimenopause & Menopause Sleep Time Gift Set

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Choose a facial roller
Eye Mask
pillow mist or hand held fan


Perimenopause & Menopause Sleep Supports RRP €95 

We have teamed up with two wonderful Irish companies - K Bamboo and Herb Dublin
to bring you this truly lovely combination to ease you into and help you stay asleep.

Pillow Cases
- Contains 2 Pillow Cases
100% organic bamboo pillow case that deliver super softness that lure you into sleep.
The soft silky fabric helps you relax with its absorbent moisture wicking properties
helping you stay drier.
Bamboo is known for its ability to regulate levels of heat and cold keeping you cool
and calm wherever you lay your head.
Bamboo fabric is ideal if you are coping with sensitive skin or eczema as it is
Being antibacterial it also reduces odours keeping you bedding fresher for longer

Luxury Bamboo Eye Mask
Made with 100% organic bamboo this breathable, hypoallergenic eye mask allows you
to block out light, while at the same time helping to induce that cooling sensation that
soothes you to sleep
Facial Roller
Options Tiger Eye/Rose Quartz
2 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Guasha Facial Roller and Shovel Design.
Kept within reach at night we have found it a wonderfully silent way to apply
something cool and calming to your skin that doesn’t wake your partner or the whole

Herb Dublin Pillow Mist Spray
Create a cool, calm and restful atmosphere in your bedroom by spritzing this beautiful
lavender and rosemary scented pillow mist before bed.
Lavender has been long associated with better sleep due to its calming properties.

Rosemary is shown to have important clinical effects on mood, learning, memory, pain,
anxiety, and sleep.
This soothing pillow spray can help you to better sleep

Hand Held Fan

If you are experiencing temperature fluctuations this handy personal fan can provide you with relief whenever and wherever you need it. 

Cooling air to your face is proved to help reduce levels of anxiety too! 

We have tried so many different appliances but settled on this model for the following reasons :It is incredibly light and shaped just like a mobile phone, so it is discrete and fits perfectly in your bag or pocket without weighing you down!  It is quiet when in use, so you can take it to work, holidays or on a night out - wherever you want. It delivers a lovely soft cooling airstream wherever you need it most. It doesn’t need  to take your breath away; just give you a wonderful cooling and calming breeze !As the fan is rechargeable, simply plug it in using the USB cable and charge it daily. It also has a detachable lanyard so that you can hang the fan around your neck and enjoy the cooling airflow whether you’re working or relaxing.

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