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National Menopause Summit 2024 - Chill Jill Summit Partners

We had the most wonderful two days as National Menopause Summit Partners with the  Best in Fest team. The amazing Gráinne Seoige created a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere on both days,  creating an enthusiasm for sharing expert information, knowledge  and experiences. The wonderfully charismatic Mariella Frostrup, who has highlighted Menopause issues long before it was" fashionable"  brought a  welcome lightheartedness to the discussion while still firmly focusing on the ongoing issues women continue to face today.  The questions and answers sessions with the expert panel allowed the audience to further explore what had been presented, discuss issues close to their hearts and further open up discussion about achievements so far and the many things that still needs to be done. Many very brave women shared some very personal and difficult experiences. This sharing of experiences and  interactions can positively influence professionals and those seeking perimenopause, menopause and post menopause care in knowing what are the important issues right now. It helps to frame the agenda for future progress and change. We felt so privileged to be part of the team and  hope to continue to support this fantastic event.

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