Your Menopause Professionals

​​We are Jane and Laura, and this is our Menopause Journey!

Imagine battling hot flashes as a nurse in full PPE during the chaos of a pandemic! That's where our journey began. Before we became menopause professionals, we were two nurses experiencing the rollercoaster of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms ourselves. Jane was battling through perimenopause, feeling the confusion and discomfort that often accompanies this stage of life.

Meanwhile, Laura, who had already gone through her own perimenopausal journey, wanted to support Jane with a thoughtful gift that would make her life a little easier. However, when Laura searched for practical gifts designed to help with perimenopause or menopause, she found the options surprisingly limited. This sparked an idea—if finding a meaningful gift to ease perimenopausal symptoms was this challenging, what other solutions were women like Jane missing out on?

At that time, the most popular gift suggestion online, “for the woman in your life coping with menopause symptoms,” was a Bubble bath and chocolate gift set! We both had a bit of a laugh about this and then the conversation turned to what we would consider a useful gift for a woman going through menopause. As nurses, we always look for practical solutions and so began our journey to help women in similar situations.

Our aim was to create something practical, easy to carry, and helping to keep you cool and calm anytime, anywhere. Although our packs would not be a substitute for hormones, we wanted to design a product to help us manage our menopause symptoms and get on with living life.

We felt we needed further formal education and qualifications in menopause care, which we achieved and are members of the International Menopause Society for Health Care Professionals. Now as menopause experts, we turned to our research into what to include in the packs. This process took over two years of testing and trialling menopause products, with an aim to support Irish products where possible.

Appearing on the Late Late Show, “Taking Care of Business,” was the highlight of 2022! It was such a wonderful experience, and we were able to share our menopause solutions. We are currently in the process of further developing our website to include access to relevant evidence-based information on perimenopause and menopause.

And so, the journey continues….